The magic of Sundays

Sunday is a perfect day for family gatherings. Such a lovely day, no rush, no urge to be somewhere else, to do something else, but enjoy the moment. I remember living with my parents was almost never fun, we didn’t talk to each other much, let alone eat together or share moments together. My sister … Continue reading The magic of Sundays

The colors of Peru

What makes Peru so worth to visit? Machu Picchu for one thing. The ancient city of the Incas hidden among massive mountain peaks reveals a mystery, a secret long kept from the world. Believe me – when you see it, you’ll forget about the 1700 stairs that lead to it. It is phenomenal! Cusco, the … Continue reading The colors of Peru

Traveling alone

On my last trip to Peru I’ve met quite a lot of people that were traveling alone and I wondered what are the advantages of traveling alone. I have found myself in a couple of situations to be traveling alone, so I can contribute to the idea with my own experience: – Traveling alone makes … Continue reading Traveling alone