Be true to yourself

You are unique living being on this planet. Don’t let anyone spoil your authenticity and try to change you, no matter if it’s your boss, partner friend or parent. People that love you and respect you won’t ever ask you to change. Holding on to your principles is the best thing you can do for yourself. … Continue reading Be true to yourself

Energize me

People that surround you influence a lot to the energy that you’re producing. Or is it the other way round – the energy that you’re emitting draws positive or negative people around you. Either way, no matter how much effort you put in positive thinking, if there are energy drainers all around you, it’s a … Continue reading Energize me

Love is the answer

Starting a new day is a gift. People do not seem to realize that. I hadn’t until fairly recently. We’ve all been raised to live in fear and uncertainty about the future. It’s not our fault, it’s not our parents’ fault, we’re all trapped into a vicious circle that’s very challenging to break and get … Continue reading Love is the answer

Pursuit of happiness

I have known my dear friend Emily for my whole life, since I can remember about myself. She kind of always wanted to go abroad. Partly for the overall experience of living away from her safety net in life – family and friends and for new challenges in life. Things get tougher when you get … Continue reading Pursuit of happiness