Traveling alone

2 thoughts on “Traveling alone”

  1. I almost exclusively travel alone.
    I like that I can choose my own itinerary. Most of my friends don’t want to go where I want to go.
    The spontaneity is such a gift. If you meet someone new and want to join them for a drink, or if you don’t like those you did meet and you want to hit the road–you may. No conferring. No staying late when you’re ready to go. No going when you want to stay late.
    You certainly meet more people and see more of what is around you.

    I have had people tell me that as a solo woman, I am not safe. I beg to differ.
    You are in some sense more vulnerable, but since you don’t have a companion, you are also more aware. Because you don’t have the false sense of security in a buddy system, you should spot trouble or see opportunities more clearly with that single-person view.

    I love it. The only issue is: later, you may not want to travel in a pack. 🙂

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