Peru, wait for me!

A few months ago I promised myself I would plan my next great trip to Peru. In the meantime I was distracted by some other issues from my main focus and let’s just say now I am glad I am looking at my goal again! Peru for a month! It gives me a great sense … Continue reading Peru, wait for me!

Say a little prayer for me…

I’ve traveled to different places where people pray to various Gods and cultivate separate cultures. What I’ve noticed in common is the ceremony of praying and worshiping their Gods. Why is the ceremony of praying considered as a good habit? – It connects you with the supreme intelligence, your guardian angel or with God, however you happen to call it. – Show gratitude You thank … Continue reading Say a little prayer for me…

Enjoying Vienna

One thing why I like holidays so much – is the possibility to get away from home. And when that place is wild enough to fulfill all your dreams and hopes, then it’s called a perfect destination. In my story – it was Vienna. Four days vacation spent with my two favorite persons – my … Continue reading Enjoying Vienna

Enjoying life

They say in order to live a happy life we should do more often of the little things that make us happy. Like having a coffee in a nice weather. I enjoy the ritual enormously and usually do in on Sundays, when the city is quieter than usual and when I have all of the day … Continue reading Enjoying life

Traveling is a state of mind

Traveling does not always mean moving from one location to another. The mindset that you develop with traveling increases the level of tolerance between people, so a traveler should not have prejudice based of nationality, religion, race, political party or any other separation criteria. When traveling, people are relaxed, easy going and more willing to … Continue reading Traveling is a state of mind