The time I found my happiness (2nd Ayahuasca experience)

5 thoughts on “The time I found my happiness (2nd Ayahuasca experience)”

  1. so true; no two ayahuasca journeys are alike and you can never predict what kind of journey you will get! in my past journeys i have set the intention on the healing i want to occur, and grandmother ayahuasca decides how the healing will be delivered. it is such an honour to take part in these experiences…not for the faint of heart though! it takes courage to face this kind of intensity. thank you for sharing your experience, aleya

    1. I had many questions for Ayahuasca too, but I guess it’s not up to us the pace at which they will be answered.
      You’re right, it takes a lot of courage.
      Thank you for your comment 🙂

  2. It sounds like your ayahuasca ceremony was conducted in South East Asia . Do you mind telling me where, and how I might partake in one. I live in SEA and have long wanted to experience ayahuasca for personal growth reasons but can’t afford the money (or time)to go to South America . You can contact me by email if you wish to reply. Thanks ….

      1. I was going to travel to South America myself but changed my mind as I wanted to go SE Asia instead for various reasons. I had no idea Ayahuasca has made its way over there, would you be able to give me details of where, do they have a website? If you could email me any details that would be amazing, can’t wait to have my first experience!

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