The colors of Peru

What makes Peru so worth to visit? Machu Picchu for one thing. The ancient city of the Incas hidden among massive mountain peaks reveals a mystery, a secret long kept from the world. Believe me – when you see it, you’ll forget about the 1700 stairs that lead to it. It is phenomenal! Cusco, the … Continue reading The colors of Peru

In love with Peru

For the past week I am breathing, feeling and tasting Peru with all of my senses. Started with Lima – metropolitan city that has shown its glamour more than I could ever expected. A city where the rich and poor live side by side, where people have managed to maintain the vivid colors of life … Continue reading In love with Peru

Peru, wait for me!

A few months ago I promised myself I would plan my next great trip to Peru. In the meantime I was distracted by some other issues from my main focus and let’s just say now I am glad I am looking at my goal again! Peru for a month! It gives me a great sense … Continue reading Peru, wait for me!