Energize me

People that surround you influence a lot to the energy that you’re producing. Or is it the other way round – the energy that you’re emitting draws positive or negative people around you. Either way, no matter how much effort you put in positive thinking, if there are energy drainers all around you, it’s a … Continue reading Energize me

The magic of Sundays

Sunday is a perfect day for family gatherings. Such a lovely day, no rush, no urge to be somewhere else, to do something else, but enjoy the moment. I remember living with my parents was almost never fun, we didn’t talk to each other much, let alone eat together or share moments together. My sister … Continue reading The magic of Sundays

Rafting’s so much fun!

Rafting is a recreational outdoor activity that would totally blow your mind! If you have in mind that Bali was the setting, then it is all much clearer what I am talking about. Experience that allows close interaction with nature combined with social moments with your company on board. Our guide was an Indonesian guy, way too … Continue reading Rafting’s so much fun!